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Endo and Mirena

Hi. I'm a 33 year old mum of two. Been to the doctors with my symptoms today, I had diagnosed myself but she was great scd said it sounds like endo on my bowel (women's health practitioner) To begin with she suggested we try the mirena coil as my symptoms are only on day 1 of my period and during ovulation.

Has anyone else tried this treatment? Did it help? I'm really anxious about having it fitted!!


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Hello, I've had the mirena coil fitted and yes it help'd with my endo for a while but then I started forming new pain so came off it. Everybody has different experiences with the mirena for some people it works and for others it doesn't or the side effects don't agree with them. They say the coil fitting is less painful if you've had children, for me it was painful and I've never had children, for my sister who had a child it was not as painful but again I suppose each person is different.


I had mine fitted under General anaesthetic during my lap 7 months ago. I've had constant daily bleeding since but everyone is different, I've heard it works really well for some ladies xxx


I had mine fitted during lap. I was told 60% get on ok but 40% can't tolerate it. I bled for 6 weeks non stop and felt very run down which was the lining shedding and then low iron. Then the periods did stop suddenly so after one day of severe stabbing pains ( common the first period post operative i believe) i haven't had menstrual cycle issues. So if that is a big cause of pain oraps worth a go

However my fatigue is worse as is my dyspareunia, i got dragging pelvic pain I've not had before and more bowel and back pain issues and overall i am in a worse situation than pre op. So it did settle by month 3 but fundamentally it hasn't stopped my deep infiltrating RV endo nodule. I'm now on a trial of zoladex and will have it out in a few weeks.

Now i am getting nausea shakes dizziness and headaches as well with the zoladex but it's only been a week.


Thanks everyone. At the moment I'm only getting pain at the beginning of my period and during ovulation which is why they think it might help. Very anxious about it though.


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