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Hi ladies, I was diagnosed with endo over 10years ago and fibroids about 5 years ago. Can I ask my doctor to refer me to gyno?

Can I also ask if you suffer from terrible back pain (outwith period) ... my last period was 16th January and I am REALLY experiencing peri menopausal symptoms, which are horrendous. .. the only symptom I don't have are hot flushes, but neither did my Mum. I'll be 48 in April and I'm beginning to think "this is it" as far as the way my body and mind feels. I asked for HRT a couple of months ago, was given it- got home and read that it shouldn't be taken if you have endo or fibroid. ... kinda hitting a brick wall. Any guidance, help will be greatly appreciated 💜

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Hi! I would definitely ask to be referred by your gp. I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis in 2008 when trying unsuccessfully to conceive. Had a laparoscopy and they lasered some of the endometriosis, but had no more endo follow up as went straight to having ivf. I had been thinking recently that I should have a follow up as it's on my bowel and worried it's caused some damage, so asked my gp for a referral, saw a consultant in January, he sent me for an mri, which I had on Tuesday and have a follow up appointment with the consultant in March. All the best. Xxx


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