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Where would we be without Endometriosis UK?

Where would we be without Endometriosis UK?

I know that I would be in a much more confused and worrying place. I learnt so much from this charity and the people who volunteer for it and the people post questions on the website. I am lucky that I live in London and can access a great support group here but if I lived more remotely where there were no groups I am sure my experience would have been much more daunting. Apart from now I have also discovered this great forum and on line support!!!

Thank you Endometriosis UK. You are cherished x

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Me too!

I have learnt so much from this forum & the Endometriosis UK website. When I was first diagnosed I didn't know anything about the condition, the treatments or what is right or wrong really and now my knowledge has grown immensely with the help of Endometriosis UK and also the ladies that are on this forum!

Thank you to each and every one of you who has helped m an supported me💛💛💛


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