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PCOS dizzyness/sickness and a very heavy head not allowing me to walk for long


Hello everyone well i am 23 years old and when i was 18 i was diagnosed with PCOS as i was not able to get out of bed for 3 months continuously as my period was not stopping it was light red and blood clots which were bigger then a 50p coin. It was really draining and caused me to be very lifeless and headheaded and dizzy when walking around which is why i would sleep all day . I got prescribed Yasmin pill for this and i worked amazing, i decided to come off it to see how my body was doing and after a 2 years and my skin got really bad so i started it again until now . So this time its been 6 months i have stopped taking the pill . Ive had 2 natural periods since and both seem to be pretty normal however last week i got a really back flu/fever and it was very extreme and not normal , at the end of the flu when i recovered i woke up feeling the exact weak heavy headed,dizzy feeling i did when i was in bed for 3 months at 18. I just started a new job and its causes me to be off sick and not possibly able to get to work as i can stand for long and its realy disturbing my life. I cant eat without feeling sick and my stomach/intestines/ovarys do move or rubble alot even if im not that hungry and i dont know what to do .It is very scary if anyone has any idea what i can do please let me know . Also would like to add throughout the 5 years i have had a few times i have fainted and been sick in early hours after eating and not sure if this is related ive been to doctors and they have done bloodtests which all some out normal .

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