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Prostap and endometriosis

Had a laparoscopy in September for them to diagnose me with endometriosis after years of being in pain! So the doctor said before I have another op I have to have prostap injections for 6 months first but I'm only 22 and my back is constantly sore pelvic pain constantly tired it's a joke, but after my first injection I bled for a few days and then just before my 4th one I've started bleeding again has anyone ever had this ? Is the bleeding normal? I jus don't no what's best for me after the 6 months has ended on the injections. I'd jus like some advice on what to do next xx

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Hello Le123xxxc

I'm on prostrap injection, The 1st injection I bled, 2nd no bleeding. 3rd injection bled for 14 days really heavy, 4th injection bled for 5 days. Rung gyne up they keep saying is normal. Asked my own Dr they said it's not normal. But the gyne nurse has told me because I'm bleeding the injection isn't working my body is rejecting it. But been told I've to have the last 2 injections. Really not happy about as I see it what's the point when it's not working. Ask the nurse who is giving you the injection. 😀 Sam xx

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