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10 years under control with pill but in so much pain since coming off in October

Hello advice needed please

I'm new here I was diagnosed 10 years ago when aged 19 with endo had two lots of laser surgeries and then I have controlled it using the pill and only having a period once a year which i found manageable. In October we decided I would come off the pill to see if I we could get pregnant but didn't want to put any pressure on us both get so just came off. Luckily periods came back instantly but the run up to this one has been so painful including a burst cyst and internal scan which show more cysts. On Monday they thought I was having an ectopic pregnancy but it was not that. Now off work and due another scan In two weeks and the doctor is going to refer me back to the Gynae.

Any one had a similar situation?

Thanks in advance.

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