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Endometriosis from a LLETZ that went wrong

Hi all - has anyone else been diagnosed with endometriosis after an operation? I had a LLETZ and 10 days later haemorrhaged and was operated on under general. Then, a few months later I started getting extreme pain (like being in the worst stage of labour!) around the time of my period but then there was little or no blood. This kept happening each month so I was referred to and endo specialist who said it was definitely endo and put me on the pill. I have felt like crap ever since and she wants to put me on the Mirena but I have tried it before and it totally wiped me out. I am also scared of anyone ever going near my cervix again!

I have never heard of anyone else getting endo from an operation and so am just very confused and really don't know what to do. Anyone offer any words of wisdom?

thanks all!


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