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Hello everyone! I'm new to this but I'm reaching out for answers.. I started my menstrual cycle at a young age.. it wasn't terrible at first but as I began to get older it worsened... by the time I was in high school every time my cycle came around I was constantly being checked out of school because the pain was so bad.. I had a heavy flow and extremely bad cramping... my symptoms now consist of an extremely heavy flow, cramping, pain during sex, and a sharp pain around my rectal area... if you have any answers please share.

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You poor thing. I experienced the very same symptoms and there is treatment that can help. Go and see your GP as this is the first step to getting some specialist help.

You don't have to suffer but do take that first step to getting help.


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I totally understand I didn't get my periods until later but they were horrendous so I went on the pill right away but my gyni thinks I have had it for a long time but the symptoms never got really bad until I stopped taking the pill. Its just progressively gotten worse and im hoping to see a specialist soon. I don't get pain during sex as such but can get a weird pressure feeling on my left side which is where my endo is. Pain around ovulation and period is horrendous. My endo is on my bowel so I get like spasm pains and like really sharp shooting pains when my bowel moves or I get wind. I would go to your GP and ask to be send to a gynaecologist. They can minimise symptoms of endo with hormones but the only way to really diagnose it is keyhole surgery so push for answers x


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