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Painful periods and choosing a doctor?

I am new to this community, and I'm also living in the United States, but I just thought that this website seemed like it had a great online community with an easy forum. I am a 22-year-old female, and I've been struggling with painful periods for as long as I can remember. I got my period late(around my fifteenth birthday)and they were really heavy from day one. Fast forward to seven years later, and I'm still struggling with my period. In the beginning of 2016, I went to my GP with intense urinary tract pain. I couldn't urinate at all(couldn't even drive because of the pain) and I thought I may have very well had a kidney stone. She did a very poor pelvic exam, got a urine sample, and asked no questions about my period/gynecological history. Eventually, she wrote me a prescription for an NSAID from the pharmacy. A few months later, I was going to a new GP, who told me that my symptoms(bowel pains during period, inability to urinate, heavy periods, and back pain) were possibly signs of endo or PCOS. I had heard of these conditions, but I'd never questioned whether or not someone my age could have them. I'd always associated endo with an older patient age group. So, I went to my first(ever)gyno visit a few weeks ago. . . and left wholly unsatisfied. I told the doctor that I'm sexually inactive, and I told her my entire medical history. She was unable to do a pelvic exam(way too painful for me)and so she suggested I go on the BC pill to see if it would help my symptoms subside. I had to decline(I'm Catholic, and I've been told no to going on the BC pill for medical reasons)and asked what other suggestions she had. That made her go a bit blank for a minute, and she finally suggested Norethindrone(progesterone, low-dose)instead. I told her I'd research it, and asked if we could do anything diagnostic at this point to see what it might be. She half-heartedly said she could do an ultrasound(not transvaginal, abdominal)and, if necessary, laproscopic surgery as a last resort. I scheduled the ultrasound, which came back fine. I could tell that she thought I was a bit of a hypochondriac. (I'm not. I just wanted to be thorough, as I don't have the resources to routinely go to a specialist.) She ordered no blood tests, suggested the progesterone again, and was unable to find a very large cyst in my right breast until I pointed out where it was. I don't want to take the progesterone due to the many negative side effects(weight gain, acne, etc.) Now I'm upset. I should have at least gotten my hormones tested, and I'm kicking myself for not asking for one. I felt like they shooed me away because of my age and lack of sexual history. She told me that self-care included plenty of water, advil, and a fiber supplement. I was wondering if anyone else on here has reached a similar point with trying to diagnose their period issues, and if they've resorted to an endocrinologist. I know my symptoms more closely align with endometriosis, but I have acne(very stubborn/persistent), facial hair, and more mood swings than I can count. I'm debating between finding another gyno(not an obgyn this time)and pursuing an endocrinologist to get my hormones tested. I just want to resolve this so I can get on with my life. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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Hi! I'm also new to this support group. There is no age group when it comes to endometriosis! It does not discriminate! I've been suffering for the past at least 18 years with it. Many of us,unfortunately, will not get a diagnosis until late 20's early 30's. From the time my period started the hell began. I missed so much school from being in pain, having fevers ,throwing up ..and never knowing what was going on. I did start taking b.c at about 16 they said that would help with the long painful heavy periods. Well being a teenager after so much time I didn't want to take it anymore. Fast forward I was first told at 23 by my Dr he was 95% sure I had it. Finally at 31 (2 years ago)I had the surgery and I had stage 3 . For me the surgery did not work. If anything the pain has come back 10 fold. He also wanted to start me on lupron which puts your body into menopause. I'm not going to be a ginnypig and put things into my body. I'm tired of these drs shoving pills down our throats and needles filled with who knows what. My sister n law did the lupron after surgery and gained 75 lbs at least. From everything you are describing I'd think you have p.c.o.s. I'm not sure how long you've been going to drs but for me it was 16 years before I even had the surgery because endometriosis is very hard to diagnose and even the drs sweep it under the rug as a "bad period ".( the worst thing ANYONE can say to a woman with this condition)I've heard it all,Oh it's doable,you'll manage,hope you get better soon!...no it will not and it is not! I'm in excruciating pain everyday . This effects my everyday life and controls me! I'm also in the U.S.A and there is still very little known about it.

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Thanks for responding. :)

I also feel like it's pcos, so I it's like an endocrinologist would be the way to go. Gyns dont always blood test, and I think they prefer to do surgery only when necessary.


Gosh that is terrible treatment by these medics . My god a person on the street could do better. Find another doc gyne and or endocrine specialist. The amount of pain and being unable to pass urine I would have thought would have been a medical emergency. Not sure how things work in USA I am in uk . There are pills with anti androgen properties but they need careful prescription I think there are some risks with it . It is a contraceptive pill also but if your not having sex I would think you could religiously get away with taking it maybe. ??as a medicine?? Facial hair etc can be policystic ovaries but can also just be over production of androgens. These are what give the acne sand hair. But the pain thing can you get an MRI? Try see a different doc if you can maybe . Good luck feel free to me if you get chance see how u get on . There is also an injecctable implant called zolodex or prostrap which totally shuts down your ovaries comes in monthly and 3 monthly depot s . Here hospitals only allowed to give it and only for 6 months . It really helped me but u usually need to take a little bit of hrt with it cos of the night sweats and effect on bones it achieves a temporary menopausal and reversible menopause state which can relieve your pain quite a lot and help diagnose what the problem is. Not to be confused with the contraceptive depot which is some injection of a type of progesterone . Good luck xx


Ps zolodex and prostrap are gonadotropin agonists I think they are different from lupron . Lupron sounds like a nightmare from what Ive heard as does Danzol I think lupron and danzol are different drugs . I never tried them but was ok with the zolodex and prostrap . If that helps anyone xx


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