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Newly diagnosed with endometriosis

Hi everyone I got diagnosed with endometriosis on 23rd Jan 2017 I have been having chronic period pain and suffer with that they call ibs constipation since 2010 I decided to go private which I am glad I have done now as I had a laparoscopy and the dr removed the majority of the endometriosis but their is still a little bit on my ovaries and bowels but I am seeing a bowel specialist in a few weeks for a second opinion about what the NHS call ibs I think it is something more than that personally but we will see. Me and partner want a child but find it hard to get pregnant and now I've been diagnosed with this I am hoping the excision of it will make it easier for me and my partner now but I am very worried and I am wondering if anyone is in the same situation as me or has been ? I suffer with anxiety so I am always on edge and I am always tired to which is down to this I guess and my low iron levels I am only 22 and would appreciate some responses

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You sound just like me and I was jdt about to type my own post sharing the same. I had a camera down my throat at 15 as they thought I had a bowel issue. No one would believe it was my periods and told me the pain was pain was psychological.

I got diagnosed in December and they have no plans to lap at the moment as it isn't a large amount just in a troublesome area. We're trying more regular breaks which I'm not happy about and I had my bloods done today for anemia.

I'm not planning on children just yet but this does make me want to have them sooner. My doctor was quite positive in that there are some options for conceiving if difficulties do arrive.

I'm going try and look in to things like my diet and pain management. I did CBT for anxiety two years ago and have heard of CBT for pain management recently.

Il keep check on this thread as curious about the affects it may have on conceiving and hope that you can work through this to achieve. They tell any pregnant person to stay calm and positive as stress causes problems on its own, so maybe if you find ways to calm your anxiety and put your mind to ease you'll be in the mind frame you need to be in, and let the docs handle the medical side xx


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