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Hi! I went to the doctors last night. I have a 2cm cyst on my right overy and little cysts on my left overy suggestive of PCOS. The doctor said this is normal and nothing to worry about. I can not get my head around this. I have occasional shooting pains near my lower abdo but he said it's all normal.

Does he mean it's normal until I show more symptoms? I don't understand why they never help me. I feel so confused when ever I leave 🙁

Thanks for you help

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Hi there I totally get what your saying I don't think it's ever normal to have cysts on your ovaries but I have had small cysts like you that have disappeared on there own and not needed surgery and then a large 6cm one that had to be removed through surgery whilst having this surgery they found patches of endo and removed what they could it's hard to tell sometimes what's causing the pain but sharp stabbing on one side is normally cyst pain I found. I would keep having them monitor you as you know your body and many doctors dismiss it as normal or just period pain good luck xx



I was told when I was diagnosed that many women develop small cysts each cycle which go when you have a period - so sometimes cysts are normal. But if you don't have periods like me they obviously don't clear and either stay the same size or they just grow.

If your cysts are big and at risk of bursting or growing to but then they will obviously remove - I would say your lucky that you know you have a cyst as I had one burst and I almost died because I wasn't aware I had any fertility issues.

If I was you I'd ask for annual check ups to see if the cysts is growing or more are developing that way you are also aware of what's going on in your body. I wouldn't say that's much to ask of your Dr - again that's what I do. Also your hormone levels with show how server it is. My dr said you can't have cysts without it being pcos as it depends of hormone levels.

I also have endo and I was always told that my endo is the problem with my fertility and the pcos was just an added bonus.

I appreciate that every Dr says something different and they try to fob you off.

I'm not saying I'm right in all of the above but that's what I've been told my gynaecologist and dr.

Good luck x


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