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IVF Abroad

Hi everyone,

Iv recently been diagnosed with severe endometriosis and am now looking into IVF.

I wondered if anyone has had private IVF in Greece and is able to help with some questions I have.

I have read lots but am so confused and feeling so overwhelmed.

Ideally I'd like to spend as little time as possible abroad, but when reading that you then have to be monitored somewhere in the U.K On your return I'm confused.. surely you then have to pay for all monitoring etc? Doesn't this then make it just as costly as going private in the UK?

Any help of advise appreciated

Thanks x

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Hi, I had treatment in both Greece and Cyprus, as well as 2 clinics in the UK.

Is it own egg Ivf you are interested in

If you want to spend minimum time abroad you get the preparation work scans etc here in the UK then fly out for about a week for egg collection and embryo transfer.

You then get either bloods or use a home pregnancy test when the clinic tell you if positive you continue meds until 12 weeks.

It still works out cheaper than the UK depending on flight cost etc. But you have the benefit of time off work. You do need to be flexible re your flights a bit ESP if you have never had Ivf before as they can only work on averages re how long you will take to stim.

There are a lot of threads on a website called fertility friends with people undergoing treatment.

Good luck.


Thank you for your reply.

Yes own eggs and sperm IVF, I just feel like I'm not getting anywhere here. The NHS have been really bad with me and I'm keen to get this moving.

So if I chose to go to Greece for the minimum time I would then need to find a clinic back here that would do the monitoring?

Thank you


As I know, you are paying for the "all inc" program.


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