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Should I see my Doctor?



I'm not quite sure where to start, but here goes.. I'm 22, 23 next month. I started my period when I was 14 (always wanted it because I thought my boobs would grow) but I regret wishing for them! I suffered from such heavy bleeding and cramps. I had to wear 2 large sanitary towels to bed with a smaller one on top. Tampons made me feel dizzy, so that was a no go. I went on the pill when I was 15 but my periods didn't improve, if anything they got worse. I took it upon myself to just keep taking the pill so I didn't get periods at all, but my Doctor called me in due to going through so many packs.. she said I could take them continually for 3 months but then I must have a period. They are just hideous, but I am trying to keep to that now. I've also suffered from what I believe is IBS, I've been tested for celiac disease and all intolerances, but they all came back normal. More recently I've been bleeding every single time I've emptied my bowels. The Doctor said I had piles but didn't give me anything for them.. but recently the bleeding has got worse and it's now happening every time I go to the toilet. I also get mucus and very bad constipation, other times it can be runny. I get terrible bloating to the extent I look pregnant. I also get pain around my anus, it's like a pressurised feeling. I get abdominal and lower back pain and sometimes pain in my thighs. I'm always tired and never feel refreshed after sleeping. I could literally sleep all day. I also get internal abdomen itching - it is hard to describe but feels like I need to scratch my insides!

Since reading up on endometriosis I have quite a few of the symptoms related to the disease. I'm now concerned about my fertility and general health. Should I see my doctor?

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It sounds like you definitely should see a doctor. I mean not definitely but if you re asking i would say so to you just because you need to get an advice from someone who will see what s realy happening with you.

Sorry to be that strict but i have suffered from advices on one forum before when i had followed a malicious advice on my endo too. Ive tried self treatment because i couldnt wait till its my appt and i suffered from it. It led to hysterectomy. So you can imagine. now i am all in for surrogacy.

Thats why i would like to advice you to go see a dr even of your condition is not that bad as mine was.


Personally I would ask for your GP to do a referral to a specialist if I were you, especially with your bowel symptoms and the pill not proving particularly effective.

Too often ladies get fobbed off and symptoms not connected together, especially if you are still quite young. Good luck with it.

There are some specialist endo centres now where you can get specialist treatment.

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