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Cerazette and pain

My pain is really up today and was also pretty horrendous yesterday. I've now been on cerazette for 5 months and so far although I've had a lot of bleeding, I've been able to manage my pain pretty well. TBH I was expecting a flare as I've been feeling awful for the past few days but it's just so miserable. Every medication they've given me has failed to give me more than a couple of months relief :/ and what with the weight gain, hair loss, bad skin, night sweats, and now this, it really seems like a waste of effort.

Totally hacked off with the whole situation.

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Lots of hugs. If the pill hasn't worked after that long perhaps it's time to check out other options eg progesterone,mirena, GnrHs or push for a referral to a bsge for a diagnostic lap if you haven't already done so.


sadly I've already had a mirena, 5 months of decapeptyl, norethisterone and 2 surgeries this year. I am being seen at a bsge centre who put me on the cerazette to try and reduce my pain enough that I can cope at home while I wait for more surgery. I am booked for a hysterectomy at the end of march, just trying to keep going until then but none of the drugs have really worked :/


Hugs multiplied! So sorry to hear you're at the end of the line with it all. I guess the effect of repeat surgery can't be helping either by now. Any chance of a pain clinic referral to tide you over? x


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