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Concerned Mom

Hello!! I'm brand new here & wanted to share my story & maybe get some advice...my daughter will be 11 on December 21st. She started her menstrual cycle at age 9. She had an extremely heavy flow during her first several cycles. She always seems to experience diarrhea & nausea while menstruating, mainly the first 2-3 days. She is telling me she's bleeding from her rectum now. At first I thought maybe she was wiping wrong, but I don't think that's the case anymore. I'm so worried. Her physician is closed today so I will have to bring her to the ER. Any advice for a worried mom?

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Definitely bring her to the ER, my first period was when I was 8 and now I'm 17, I didn't start bleeding from the rectum till this year but every period I had diarrhea and nausea and later vomiting. My pain didn't get worse till this year and I believe my endo grew 'up' since my kidneys and chest hurt like crazy during my period too.

Hopefully they can get her a laproscopy.

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Thank you for your response!! I'm worried about his she will handle a procedure like this at such a young age. But its got to be done. She's tough...we'll get through it. I'm so thankful I found this place.


It better she gets it now

Any damage that happens from surgery is always from where the endo has already grown, and at this point it needs to be done.


Hey, first time iv communicated on here but seeing your post , I just connected to it.

I started my periods when I was 10. I also had bowel problems and got miss diagnosed with IBS and bad periods. It took until I was 20 until I got diagnosed correctly with endo, although my fight to get treated correctly still continues and I'm 25.

I'm no expert but I am fed up with girls and women being miss diagnosed and not taken seriously. Just some advice that might help... don't let them fob you off by telling your daughter it is IBS and bad periods. Demand a laproscopy.

Also it's so good that you are going out of your way to address this and gain advice. This website is amazing and has helped me the some hard times.


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