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Laparoscopy, pain and depression

Iv been off work for 7months as I am a carer for young adult with autism as i have signs on endometriosis. I'm also having uterus contractions (like labour) but I never been pregnant.

I can only take paracetamol, as ibuprofen and that irritates my bowels . Obviously paracetamol does nothing so the pain im in on a day to day basis. The only thing that makes it bare able is heat (heat pads/water bottles)

I'm having my first laparoscopy done in 2weeks time. Iv never had an operation before nor been put to sleep, so I'm nervous and don't no what to expect.

Even though I have family and friends around me, I feel so alone. Also feel bad that this is happening to me and making then worry. 9/10 times I put on a happy face just to try act like I'm okay.

I have no clue what to expect of my life now. If I'll always be like this, will I ever get better. I'm 19years old and I'm living life like a petitioner, I can't work nor sleep, I can't go out unless I'm in a wheelchair or a short walk no more than 5/10 mins(if I'm lucky) , I spend my days in bed as it's confortable and warm which helps with pain.

I'm trying to find a way where I can do my health and social care without doing a placement...I want to get my life back but I have no clue how as pain is totaly taking over it.

With a laparoscopy how long are you put to sleep for? And how long after do you get results?

Sorry for the rant

Emma x

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Emma I know how you feel. I had a laparoscopy 2 months ago.

I want to let you know that you will be ok. I can say that because I am someone who is EXTREMELY anxious when it comes to anything medical - even an ordinary blood test.

This is how I calmed my nerves before the operation. I spoke to my family about how I felt. I told them how and why I was nervous. I think what helped me the most though is that my boyfriend made me visualise my journey to the hospital, lying there in a gown, waking up and being in recovery. That helped me to prepare mentally. So when I actually went there I felt as ready as I could and I managed to be a lot calmer because I knew what I would have to face.

Good luck xxxx


I have the same symptoms as you but have been off for 3 weeks, just feel really drained all the time due to the pain. I am normally running around all day as I work in childcare. Feel bad as I have spent most of November in bed and the only time I have been out is to go to appointments. Waiting to go to the specialist and hopefully get some answers as 2 medical professionals both think it's endometriosis. With regards to your placement can you call the local college and see what your options are? E.g. Online courses to help with the knowledge side then when feeling back up to it go back to placement? Also not sure where you are but some colleges do loans to help with fees. With regards to your op stay calm and try not to panic, I know that sounds easy and you must be saying wish I could but the Drs know what they are doing, maybe try calling the hospital and explain how your feeling they will help you.


Hi there - sorry you feel so bad. I think most of us on here have this experience. At least you have got as far as getting a laparoscopy . Don't worry about it at all it really is a breeze. Ive had several of these now and a hysterectomy and various bits and bobs remove or treated for endo I was scared my first time. In a way its good that you are getting treatment at a younger age and your final outcome hopefully will be better having caught it early before it spreads as it has for some of us on here. Just take it one step at a time have your lap and go from there. You never know hopefully in about a year or 6 months possibly you might be totally free of the symptoms and don't think about it anymore. Just try get to be seed at an endometriosis specialist centre . You are welcome to pm me back if you want my opinion on what they found or said after lap. I'm not a doctor but ive been dealing with this monster for many years and found a few shortcuts and things that help - and none of it is holistic treatment or anything . I just know whats worked for me what drugs and what pain relief etc and how to try and get NHS to help. Good luck you might even enjoy the anaesthetic lol - they give you some nice stuff when you come round . Not sure about your Studying is it ?? Have a chat with the college uni as to what they can do to help you or put thing son hold until you get better maybe ??All the best Hugs xxx


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