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Mirena coil

Hi ladies.

I had a mirena coil fitted today. It hurt like hell. There was a nurse there who took my hand and told me to hold it if the pain got bad. I laughed it off telling her I've had 4 babies and tbis wasn't going to hurt. I then grabbed her hand and breathed like I was having a baby! lol ouch! Went back to work and carried on as normal. Just finished a period but now have to put up with bleeding again and I have/am a pain in the bum! lol......

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Ouch! Hugs. Wondered why they were so keen to do it during my general anaesthetic for my lap. Does it hurt now it's in?


Thanks starry. Just a dull ache now.

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oh poor you am glad i was a sleeep wen they done mine with my opp but am in pain now hun tell me how you get on with it xx


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