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Blood in Poo & Pain Change - Legs and abdomen?! Advice and guidance please

Sorry for the gross topic... So I bled for the first time this week since October 6th. I am still undiagnosed with what ever has been going on.

A simple question really - could blood in poo (and also the mucus - I have had awful problems with constipation since this whole investigation has started, even laxatives have not helped) signify Endometriosis?

I have had a mixture of red blood and black but it has only happened the days I have bled, excluding today but the amount was minimal. The pain has been better - as I have had pain consistently since September 13th, then the constipation problems started in October. The pain while bleeding wasn't half as bad as previous, but I don't know if that is because I had my DEPO shot redone October 17th, however one of the days I felt absolutely horrific - more so than the rest ( nausea, sweating, tiredness and dizziness and a sharper but less often pain) where as the other days for there was a duller but sharp pain.

Yesterday was the first day I felt normal, until I went to walk the dog with my mother came home absolutely 1. FREEZING and went up to the bathroom and the pain in my lower left side made me hold on to the sink for dear life. I had a weird sharp trap nerve like pain so my leg kept kind of spasm and was just achy and horrible all evening

Today I have since I woke up had pain in my left hip, to the point of hurting to move and to lift my leg.

But I think its important to note this is the first time I haven't felt very unwell - i've probably just jinxed that but... I know I need to be referred to a specialist or something because my life is being destroyed by whats going on by pain - specifically in my relationship as pain during sex almost every time ( I have had all STI tests done , a scan and a smear test and nothing has come back) and the fact I have to take naps most days out of tiredness .

I just need some advice! I do have blood tests being done again tomorrow and a follow up appointment on Monday.

Thankyou xxx

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Hi , Yes your symptoms all sound like possible endo. Have a read around on this site, it is a good source of information.

Sounds like you need a refferal to get checked out for endometriosis. Beware it often will not show up in ultra sounds and a laproscopy by a competant specialist is only decent diagnosis confirmation I have heard of. Anything cyclical is something to be suspicious of for endo.


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