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Treatment options

I had a lap last November followed by 4 months of zoladex and an unsuccessful round of IVF.

My pain is getting increasingly worse and I have an appointment to see my GP tomorrow. She has previously mentioned going on the pill which I don't want to do as I still live in hope that we could conceive naturally.

Is anyone able to help with what my options might be so that I have an idea before the appointment? If I am referred back to the consultant I'm thinking about asking to be referred to a BSGE centre as the consultant who runs the local endo clinic has an appalling bedside manner and I find him difficult to talk to.

Any help to make me feel more prepared for tomorrow would be much appreciated xx

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Didn't want to read and run. We are in the same situation and its a tricky one.

I would start to think about priorities if you can.

Would you have another round of ivf?

I've just had the injection to suppress everything, it made me skip one cycle. Then I went on a progesterone only pill for six months which stopped my periods effectively but has made me very up and down (I've also felt hormonal shifts as well).

It's a real catch 22, get them to check tubes and ovaries. If everything is clear then you are in a good position. Have you had a lap surgery?

It's not an easy situation.

Hope you get good advice.



Thanks for your reply. My lap showed that the endo is widespread and so surgeon just concentrated on trying to improve chances of IVF working by focusing on ovaries and outside of womb. Already know that one endometrioma had grown back 😞. We would like a break from the IVF but may have another cycle later next year.


I had an unsuccessful round in February. I know I have cysts on both sides now. It was initially just the right side.

The whole situation is made complex for me by the fact that I did work overseas and its difficult to have ivf ( very expensive where I was living) and employers don't look favourably on those who have to take time off for surgery. Plus my husband isn't from the uk. This stupid disease is causing such big problems and questions!

Time is a tricky issue, I don't have age on my side.

What have the drs said about more ivf, will they fund?




Not sure on options but definitely get referred to a bsge centre to get the appropriate care and full options etc x

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