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Help support and advice needed please


Hello, after having lettz in May I have been having horrible cycles, sorry for TMI but my cycle has just been bitty and lots of little clots, also dark black brown colour. I have had more pain than usually with it but nothing to complain about. Well until last week then I was admitted to hospital due to the constant sharp pain in my right side, and sickness. Had bloods and urine samples taken all fine, had a scan was struggling to see ovaries so had to do a internal this was clear but was very painful on my side . Also had a smear test again dr said it had healed well and no masses could be found again very painful. After my scan dr said could be IBS, i have no other symptoms just strong pain in my right side. Been sucribed buscopan for the cramping pain but no change since Wednesday. Just putting it out there to see if anyone else has been down this route like me, as I don't think it's IBS as I mentioned no other symptoms, but all tests have been clear?

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Hey. I have just recently had my operation and had the same symptoms as yourself, pain on right & left side and also smear and internal and external scan as they couldn't find my left ovarie! I then went for my operation to be told my period blood isn't all coming out in which it's going behind my pelvis causing all the inflammation and pain. They put me on coil but only taking away some pain. Doc have put me on tablets for IBM but I think it's just making it worse. Hope everything is OK X

Thank you for your reply I hope your recovering well. How did they find out about your period not all coming out? I have my 6 month follow up on Thursday from lettz do you think they will they have more of an idea about it? As I told the Drs at the hospital about my period symptoms one was very concerned and said he thinks my period is going back into the tubes and would refer me to the gyno. When the other Dr came I told him the same thing again and about all the pain I have he then did the internal scan whilst pressing down on my stomach was in agony with that, he was the one who also said my lllettz had healed well. He said no masses could be felt then nothing about my period. So i went for the scan and then new dr said it was clear and ok and could be IBS. I think with all the stress my body as been under it has caused me to come on and it's again black/brown and bitty like clots. Sorry for all the info just worried as I want to try stop it asap. Thank you again for your reply x

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