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Backpain with lower right abdominal pain

I am a 41 year old who suffers from backpain with lower right abdominal pain, these pains are severe and switch from one side to the other. When i was younger i used to have swollen ovaries with the same kind of pain but they use to occur when its cold. Now they happen after my periods. I have not been sexually active for 3 years, the last time i saw a gynecologist he said i was ovulating.

What could be the cause? Please help

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Hi I have the exact same. Back pain is horrendous and could hardly walk. Have you found out the cause. My doctor felt my stomach and said it was the back pain causing the ovary pain so they won't look into it further. My stomach is bloated and have developed facial hair.


Went for a scan and was told that my uterus has water, which causes the pain. The wall of the uterus is also thick, I have to go to theatre (that was in November) I refused and opted for a home remedy and the pain has since subsidised. Went for a follow up with the gynecologist and the water is gone.


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