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Uterosacral Ligament - Is Diathermy the right treatment?

Hi all,

First time I've written a post on here. But just been back to my consultant and feeling very emotional, so hoping for some advice.

Bit of background - I was diagnosed with stage 2 endometriosis via laporoscapy in January with most removed. I have then had 7 months of prostap injections. Although the side effects were tough, they did reduce the pain I was in.

Now the prostap is wearing off post treatment, all the pain has come back with a vengeance (mainly very bad night time back pain and swollen stomach, not forgetting the exhaustion that goes with it). Hence my trip to the consultant today. He's informed me that the majority of my endo is on both uterosacral ligaments and that there was scaring as well as live endo. I don't think he treated this when I was operated on. He has said that he thinks we should operate again to see if he can improve the uterosacral ligaments. Having asked how he removed the other endo previously he said diathermy and helium diathermy. This is where I am confused as I have read so much about excision being the only way to help. I am also nervous about any op on the ligaments as I am concerned about lasting damage.

Has anyone had surgery on uterosacral ligaments? Is diathermy the right treatment? What are the risks?

Sorry for long post, but any advice or experience would be much appreciated!

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So sorry to hear that you're still going through pain etc.

I had a laparoscopy at a BSGE centre in June where endo was found on my uterosacral ligaments and removed by excision. I was also fitted with the mirena coil as That's supposed to help afterwards but 5 months on and I'm still in lots of pain. My pelvic pain has gone worse and locks up and walking etc is difficult at times.

I resaw a gynaecologist in September who gave me cerazette to help, she was rather dismissive tbh and was like that I should put up with it for another three months and that the coil WILL solve it *eye roll

I also get bloating and when it flares, I look heavily pregnant.

There is a page on here regarding us ligaments endo which you should look at.

Endo on the uterosacral ligaments is deep infiltrating endo which needs to be excised by a specialist as there's a risk of nerve damage and or all the endo not being removed.

Hope this helps and that you get better soon


Thank you for your response. Have you had any relief from having the surgery or do you think it has made it worse?


At the moment I'd say worse but unsure if it's the coil doing it or if im a long healer tbh


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