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Getting to grips with Endo

I have just had my laparoscopy and been doing lots of research with all my spare time and because it is soo confusing and almost depressing, I have decided to write a blog!

It's mostly focusing on how we can empower ourselves everyday to cope with the disease better and not rely on the doctors who aren't doing as much research as maybe they should be doing.


I am doing it for a couple of reasons, I'm not vain enough to think people will love it but hope that I can help other people someway but also to give me a reason to stick to it, as you have identified it is quite restricting and it's tiring being tired all the time so I don't always cook for myself but hopefully this will force me to!

Be great to see what you all think!

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Just finished reading your blog very positive and gives great advice about diet.im going to implement the suggestions and see how I go.thanks


Aww thank you!!! I'm so glad that it is helping you :)



I've read your blog. Thanks for sharing.

How is the diet going for you? Have you found anything outside of a diet that works?

I find it hard to stay on a diet and have been wondering if there are any apps out there that can help me with that. Any advice?


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