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Could it be endo confused

I have started to do a diary to keep an eye on symptoms . This month it seems my shoulder pain got worse 8 days into cycle and hasn't subsided . Yesterday I did a urine test and have wbc in urine , last month I had this for a few days a week before period then they disappeared. Towards the end of my period I had dizziness when standing this lasted for about a week ,my go said it was low blood pressure as my pulse was high when standing. The last couple of days my thigh is playing up like I've been punched and today the same feeling from my bum going down my legs making it uncomfortable to walk. I had a cat scan this week so hoping something shows but these pains seem all over the place and unpredictable is this how endo is?

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Is it just one shoulder ?


just the right shoulder and right side under ribs ,I have had scan as gp suspects endo in that area . Im more concerned with all these other symptoms on top. They seem to be all over place at random times.


Right shoulder pain is a symptom of endo on the diaphragm and pain in your bum and legs would be typical of endo behind the uterus. If you are in the UK there is a treatment pathway to be followed. I now have a Facebook group with lots of support and info files if you would like to join:

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You know I did not get shoulder pain.

But when they checked my tunes they said there could be that pain


Sorry don't quit understand.


When I had my tubes checked with dye the dr asked if I was having any pain in my shoulder during procedure .

So I assume pain in the shoulder could indicate some sort of issue in your reproductive organs.


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