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The Endo Rollercoaster Poem

I feel alone in an ocean

I go up and down

My head in and out of the waves

Sometimes I feel OK

Floating on top

Other times I feel like there is an anchor trying to pull me down

That anchor is called Endometriosis

It could be that I am in pain or upset about not having children

Or I have missed a social event because it's the wrong time of the month

Not being able to go to work

My hormones making me feel down

Beneath the calm exterior

Are my angry, fiery insides

Every time I have an op, I think 'here I go again.'

I try to keep my head up

With treatments and diet

But I still have bad days underneath the waves

I am beginning to understand what's best for me

and having less of a bumpy ride

Focus on what can be done rather than what can't

I won't let Endo drag me down

I am more than this illness

I have so much to give

and I realise we are not alone...

2 Replies

That's a great poem I could of written that myself as you seem to describe me! The most important line"we are not alone"


Glad you like it, thanks :)


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