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any advice please ladies?

Hi, i am 22 and from bristol. I have had this pain since 16. Every doctor i have seen have been no use at all, but all say Endo.. i am currently sat with an extremely sore and swollen belly wanting to scream with the pain. i feel like someone is trying to twist and pull my left ovary, i can barely move. Heat pads only aggrivate my pain, can anyone suggest anything for pain (i have no meds, they wont prescribe me any as i've tried alot in the past with no help) and could anyone also suggest anyone i could see to get help in bristol.

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Depends on if your wanting a baby right now. I can only say what worked for me 12 months continuous bp pills

No periods

It helped a lot

Took about to the fourth month but then I was out of most pain .

You don't need to have a period or ckean out .

In fact it's bad on your body to have constant ovaluation cycles one after another and we think it can spur endo on


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