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Please help- what could this be

I've been in constant pain now for 3 days. the pain I have is deep in the left side of the groin, like a grinding burning intense pain that goes down the leg to the knee too, and also in the hip (all left) . I have quite a high pain threshold but this is something else. I've been told in the past I could have PCOS alongside my endo but never confirmed. some drs say I do some say I don't!

yday I went to a&e had bloods, xray on hips, leg and abdo and nothing showed up. has anyone else experienced this? could this be an ovarian cyst?

I came away with morphine and just trying to deal with the pain. please please help If you can shed some light on what it could be

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oh and no matter what position I sit or lay in, its just pain nothing eases it I,e ice or warmth.


My pain was just as this I was given gabapentin it helped


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