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Should I push for 2nd opinion?

Hi ladies, to cut a long story short I had a lap at the beginning of the year which I was diagnosed with PID & treated for. It also found my right ovary, tube & bowel was fused to my pelvic wall & POD but no endo found. My symptoms haven't changed or improved since. Last week I had chronic ongoing pain after my period had stopped which is unusal for me as I'm only symptomatic when I'm on my period. I had an urgent ultrasound to which the the sonographer had told me I had a cyst that had ruptured and bled hence why I was experiencing the pain. I work at a GP practice and was called in to see a Dr who had my ultrasound report. It turns out that now my left ovary is also fused to my pelvic wall along with an endometriotic cyst on my left ovary. Surely this must indicate that endometriosis is present? I have recently been referred to a fertility clinic as I haven't been able to conceive for 3 and a half years. Should I push for another lap or wait for the fertility appointment? Xx

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Sounds like endo to me. Find a doctor who can deal with both. Twenty years ago when going through all the fertility "roller coaster " they did a laparoscopy and and removed lots of the endo. It's invasive and traumatic enough dealing with infertility on top of the endo pain. Took me thirteen years to conceive! Now have two beautiful girls. Fertility drugs and IVF really mucked my body up and I wasn't ovulating by myself. I found and incredible naturopath who regulated my cycle, got the endo under control, and helped me ovulate. After seven years on her herbs I feel pregnant naturally. Think they still operate an Online clinic.

I've just had a full hysterectomy with both ovaries removed. Had to 10cm+cysts x} on both ovaries and endo covering everything. I was totally stuck together. Four weeks later feeling human again!

Best of luck on your journey. Hope you find the right doctor for you.

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I'm just waiting for the hospital appointmen for the fertility clinic. My doctor has given me copies of all my scan results and lap results so I can show them then just have to see what they suggest next x

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