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Sorry i feel like i take all this post time line up with my questions! So i have suspected endo and from 2 internal scans endometrioma cysts on both overies so have told me they usually mean endo! My follow up appointment wasn't until 18th October! but i have been in so much pain the last week not being able to get out of bed i am seeing someone at the hospital tomorrow! :) this isn't at the endo centre but is a gyno consultant.

can anyone help with what types of questions i need to be asking? i feel like i get in there and i am always overwhelmed then never ask anything!


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  • -Express you are in pain, I mean play it up if you must. I leant my lesson after I told doctors "Good how are you?" Because of manners but now I realize don't be nice. Obviosuly don't insult but be blunt and honest, express that you are in pain in pain anyway. I wear a dress and tie a heating pad around my waist, it works every time.

    -Make a symptom notebook, what I did was I got a monthly/weekly planner and filled it in.

    X- unmanageable pain

    /- manageable pain

    % days of work/school misssed

    Then an abreveation for each of my medications & the dose.

    -Ask for painkillers, not like an addict, say that it's for the pain, maybe research on different ones and bring it up with your gyn or gp. I like Naproxen 550, but 375 used to cover my pain better then 2 advils and 2 tyelonls, you can take Naproxen with Tylenol but not advil.

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