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Liverpool Womens hospital refusing to accept refferal to endo clinic because Im already under a gynecologist

i was diagnosed with abdominal wall/c section scar endo July this year after having a mass removed by a general surgeron thought to be a suture granuloma, however histology came back as endo. I have further pain accross the left side of my c section scar all the way to my hip. I was then discharged from the general surgeon and sent to a gynecologist who I seen a couple of weeks ago. I wasnt happy with my consultation he dismissed that the mass was caused by my c section even though the surgeon said there was no other explanation for it and it must have been implanted during c section and because I have no history of endo and have never suffered with periods before so its unlikely that I have endo in my pelvis. The gynecologist said that your own body can implant endo anywhere i know this is true but for it to be in the abdominal wall i thought it had to be caused by surgery? The gyn has reffered me for an internal ultrasound which of course is not going to show where I have the pain so I feel it will miss any possible endo still around my c section scar. I explained all of this to my Gp and asked for a refferal to the endo centre as I feel if i could talk to an endo specialist they might know more about this rare type, after some persuasion she reluctantly reffered me but the womens refused to accept because im already under a gynecologist. Any advice about this? Do I not have a right to choose if I feel that Im not getting listened to and treated properly? Thanks in advance sorry about the long post! X

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Under nice guidelines you have the right to choose. You need to talk to lindle who is knowledgeable helpful and lovely as she has helped me and many others. Lindle should be able to advise to or explain what is going on. Good luck x


Hi - four pelvic and TV ultrasounds failed to show my endometriosis. You should ask for a laparoscopy to get a diagnosis for endometriosis. Do not be fobbed off. I shuffled around for YEARS zonked out of my brains on co-codamol and naproxen believing that my pain was normal. Keep pushing. Refer to Lindles posts on EHRE Guidelines regarding referral to a BSGE centre. Good luck. Julie Liza x


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