Feeling overwelmed and looking for feedback

Hi everyone,

Earlier this week I've finally had my appoitment with Mr Vyas at Southmead Hospital in Bristol. I'm on the waiting list to have an excision and am feeling a bit overwelmed with the surgery itself, risks, recovery time and so on.

If anyone here has seen Mr Vyas and would be willing to share your experiences with me, could you please send me a private message?

Much appreciated! xx

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Are you on Facebook? There's a fab group on there called EndoMetropolis where you can freely discuss surgeons. I highly recommend it. I don't do fb so I created an account just so that I could go on there. Good luck.

Hi! I'm on facebook, thanks for the tip, willl join the group.

There are quite a few good endo groups on there once you start searching! I joined quite a few and found lots of valuable information as well as lovely and supportive women.

I have just started a UK endo support group on facebook where we can discuss surgeons. We can continue our conversations on there. x


thank you, I've asked to join the group x

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