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Sleeping problems

I've had difficulty sleeping since puberty but never really linked the two. With my endo flaring up in full force two years ago, my sleeps just gotten even worse. I lay in bed for atleast 3 or 4 hours before I fall asleep and then I only get an hour or two deep sleep before I'm up and I need the loo and then I'll sleep a little more and need to go to the bathroom again. I'll sleep again but not for long, so I'm always exhausted. Does anyone else have problems sleeping. I know it's all to do with the hormones

Thanks ☺️

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I absolutely empathise with you here!

Im a dreadful sleeper, got worse in Uni & with having kids (of course) Just always though of myself as an insomniac really. Up for the loo is so annoying isnt it?

Ive have Drs tell me about 'good sleep hygiene' & allowing my natural hormone melatonin to kick in sooner etc but reducing any screen time/caffeine etc truth is some of us just have lower melatonin levels & taking 'extra' via meds can only help for a while as you get habituated to it.

I take herbal sleep tablets now & just kinda get by with 4 or 5 hrs most nights. A friend of mine gave me a birthday card for my 45th saying 'you know you are over 45 when you wake up feeling injured!'

Thats me most morning!



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