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Bleeding Blood clots on Prostap

Hi there everyone.

This is a little TMI but I need some advice.

I had my first Prostap injection ( the one that lasts 3 months) 9 weeks ago and overall it seems to be helping.

However since starting it every week or two I have a few days where I have some breakthrough bleeding. But it's not like breakthrough bleeding I've had before. Its like big blood clots, which mainly look like old blood clots but some fresh blood as well. I was told that if I had what looked liked a normal period or bleeding to go and get it check, but don't know what to do about the passing clots. With it, my endo pain comes back when I'm bleeding/passing clots.

Should I get it checked by me GP or what should I do? I have an appointment with the nurse for my next injection in 3 weeks so should i just wait to discuss it then?

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Hi cabbage- I would see your g.p before the nurse appt. Prostap has different tolerance of ladies, it really depends on the lining of your womb how thick the endometrium is/was before you had the injection, he MIGHT want to send you for scans. Don't. leave it 3 weeks especially if you are in great pain.


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