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Possible endo maybe secondary???

Hi ladies. I'm just not sure what to make of all this. I do know somethings going on because of all the pain I be in. Just I'm confused and worried. Im experiencing crazy ovulation pain now can't hardly walk my pelvis is throbbing and feels like it's been ripped apart. Shooting pains up both ends can't sit without a shock. I was expecting it iv had this pain for past 3 months. I'm in constant pain in my lower back. Always fatigued. Nausea. sciatica pain. Breast pain quite often. Alternating constipation and diahrrea particularly when I'm on. I had a c section in November 2013. iv always got blood in my urine whenever doctors test my urine but they never investigate it. No uti. Just blood and trace of protein . I got myself some urine sticks and still noticed I have it. So went to doctors the other day mentioned this she did a test and said I was right and looked a bit baffled at why it's never been sent to labs. She sent it off anyway. She's referred me to gynae aswel something went wrong with last referral. She wants to see me again next week with another urine sample she said maybe a referal to urology aswel. Anyone think they know what's going on. In 31 and really worried about what it could be. Thanks in advance for any replies

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I don't get why it says kidney and urinary tract infections I never out that on profile never had a kidney infection had a uti a few times nothing recently


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