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Has endo return!!!

Hi there, I had a wee baby girl 6 months ago the last few weeks I am having a lot of lower abdomen pain, same as what I experienced before pregnancy. Is this the sign that ends has returned. I am not getting much sleep with pain and find it hard to manage at work. Anyone with thought please feel free to revert back to me, would like an idea as to what my body is dling. Thanks x

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did you have the endo removed prior to pregnancy? if you didn,t it just sits idle whilst you are not ovulating and it might be up and running again. ask to see a gynae with your g.p hun. Are you breast feeding? tell doc if you are.


Hi there, yeah I have endo had 3 surgeries since diagnosis. Had last endo operation 18months before I had my little one. I am in with my gp Wednesday this week an will definitely inform her. Thanks for your help x

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Hi Shelley - where was endo found at your laps and how was it treated?


Hi Lindle, it was around ovaries, bowl, around top of womb and bladder. It was lasared off. Must admit it was the worse of 3 ops yet. Thank u for ur reply. X


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