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New diagnosis of endometriosis

Hi all,

I had surgery last week which confirmed I had endometriosis so therefore they lasered it as treatment. Unfortunately when my consultant came to see me I had only just come round from theatre and cannot remember an awful lot of what he said. I am due to see him again in 6 weeks time. I was just wondering what other people's experiences with endo are? What tips they have to slow down regrowth? And whether anyone has any suggestions of how to tackle a boyfriend and friends that are refusing to engage in conversations regarding it so therefore I am having very little support post surgery.

Many thanks!!

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Hi, I had my lap 3 weeks ago where endo was also taken out. The consultant didnt bother seeing me after the op, however all the previous appointments I have had they keep pushing me to have the mirena coil!! My view is surely the coil will only mask the problem?

Im still spotting brown sort of blood, which is sooo annoying. I dont think many people understand endometriosis, its not a common word but lots of females probably have it.

Use these support forums if your close ones dont engage, they probably dont understand...


I can see what you mean with the coil however doesn't it slow down the regrowth of endometriosis?

Many thanks for your response, hope you're recovering well from your surgery!


I had my lap & removal of endo on 7th July. I went for the coil as I was told surgery only short term treatment whereas coil is longer term. I've previously done tri-cycle pill which helped for 4 years and then stopped so thought I'd try this xx


Thank you for your reply! Will get in touch with my doctor and see what he thinks! Hope you're doing well!


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