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Anyone had excision surgery for severe endo then go on to IVF?

Hi ladies. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone had gone through IVF after surgery/surgeries to remove endo and endometriomas. And if you would be able to share your experiences?

I had IVF in 2012, and only found out I had endometriosis as an endometrioma showed up on a scan early into treatment. The cycle went on, but it was touch and go as the cyst was 4-5cm.

We did amazingly and got 17eggs, but I was very uncomfortable in the days before egg collection due to all the follicles.... And the day after egg collection I became very unwell, nausea, dizziness, and a lot of pain. At hospital they established I had mild ohss and my right ovary had swelled up. It took weeks to settle.

IVF was unsuccessful, and even though we got 3 frozen cycles from these embryos, they all ended in chemical pregnancies.

We are now looking at doing a fresh cycle again.... But I'm 3months out of having my 3rd surgery to remove 5-6 endometriomas off my ovary, adhesions and had deep rectovaginal excision.

I'm extremely worried and scared about going through the IVF process again due to pain! My endo pain is quite bad and daily I have pain from it... So sometimes I think I'm mad to even consider it. But we desperately want a family. This would be our last attempt though, as can't afford any more and I probably can't go through it a third time.

Anyway... Would love to hear others experiences, good and bad and any advice x

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I am due to have the same thing and like you I am scared. I am kind of feeling like I am being pushed into the IVF as a single person because of my endo. The clinic are racing ahead, making me feel it is 'now or never'. It is hard for us with endo because we have to face the pain physically as well.

I would love to have the answers for you. I just wanted to write and say you are not alone.

The surgery is supposed to help with the endo pain and make it easier for ivf, nonetheless it is still a hard decision to make!

I hope it all goes well for you. Keep me posted x


Thanks for replying! Have you been through IVF before? It is a hard slog emotionally and mostly due to the endo, it's a hard slog physically as well. I was okay with all the injections, I honestly didn't mind that side of things, even the crazy hormones and crazy emotions were not so bad. But yes, the pain I had around egg retrieval was pretty bad.

So you are considering going through IVF on your own? I guess that could be quite hard, so I hope you have good friends and family to support you through the process. I will be seeing a counsellor as well... Maybe you get that service with your clinic as well? Worth doing I think. Good luck to you as well. I will post how I get on deffinately.

I'm hoping the surgery will have made things less painful with the IVF process, for sure.


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