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Going to GP to ask for referral

Morning everyone. I posted a few weeks ago to say had had an appointment for an ultra sound and as I expected nothing to be seen.

The sonographer actually told me to go to my GP and ask for a referral so that I can get a proper diagnosis. (One way or another)

So today I have an appointment and I am going to ask to be referred.

I am half way through 3 months worth of a new pill called gedarel 20/50 and I am experiencing more bleeding during/after intercourse. And more pain generally too. I have changed my pill three times now in 18 months and I am constantly told to go onto the marina coil. I am scared to do this as there are horror stories of pain and long term bleeding etc whilst it settles down. The worry with that is I can't use tampons at all, and never have been able to as I cramp up really badly with them, and long time use of towels (well we all know that is just not a great option)

Any way I looked up the special centres that treat endo and it turns out there is an actual centre at Colchester hospital!

Any way I shall ask/tell my GP I want a referral today so fingers crossed today the ball might get rolling just that little bit more.

I have suffered my entire adult life, and I am fortunate enough to have two children ( we started earlier as I was convinced even in my 20's I might not be able to conceive) my second child we had trouble getting pregnant with. But I feel my symptoms are getting worse now and I just want to know one way or another!

I hope you all have a good day x

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