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Prostap injection and bleeding after a year

Hi ladies, I have been on prostap injection every 3 months I had my latest one on 15th July I have had no bleeding only to start bleeding on Friday I am in pain and I have spoke with my consultant and phoned the gynecologist ward who have told me it isn't normal and I should attend a+e but the last time I went there I was admitted for 3 weeks and felt like I was just on the ward as a ornament so really don't want to go to a+e as anyone else been on the injection as long and had bleeding if so would you be able to tell me your experience please thank you for reading x

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Hi, I had prostap injections for 1 year no period for 18 months and started bleeding on 14th Feb which is still going. Very tender breasts and abdominal cramps. I thought I had gone into menopause after 18 months with no period. Do you think I should see my gp??


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