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My wife of 65 years

My wife had a hysterectomy about 25 years ago. Is it possible things can grow back inside for the tummy to get big?

It is not that easy for me to get my wife to see a GP about this issue!

Always she knows best. We both go to the gym every day, my wife feels she is not loosing weight!. My strong feeling is that internal growth is gaining weight!!!

I need help, long time ago when I mentioned this my wife's comments were " you think I have cancer?"

If my wife sees a GP it can put our mind at rest!

My wife has been having an eye inflammation problem for few years, all she do is put eye drop on a daily basis.

Is there a time bomb waiting to explode inside the stomach?

So sorry for asking this question!

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I have the same question about grow back following the big op.

All I know is cancer generally doesn't make you put on weight, you usually lose it.

Only your wife can have things investigated, so hopefully she will seek help soon. Perhaps she is afraid that the problems are more serious than they actually are. All you can do is support and hope, nagging does no good.


It's good you are concerned about your wife. Unfortunately endometriosis can grow even after a hysterectomy. She's probably worried it is cancer so is blocking it out. I'd try telling her calmly you just want to help and support her and suggest going to the GP together to put your minds at rest.


Thank you for your response.


I appreciate this is a difficult subject!, thanks for your reply and message. the best option is to go to the GP together, if we can to het help. The culture is an issue! I may find it difficult to talk about to a GP.


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