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Scan experience

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Morning ladies :)

I just wanted to see if anyone had a similar experience to me with scans.

I have had both ultra sound and internal before 3 years ago.

I had one last week and I felt that she spent alot of time on my right side taking pictures. She didn't spend much time on my left at all and then went back to the right.

This would make sense as most of my pain is on the right.

I just wanted to know if this is something to worry about or not.

Thanks and hope your'e all having a good monday.


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I had an internal scan done and I had cysts on both ovaries. They may have taken more pictures on one side if there appeared to be endo on just one side maybe. Try not to worry too much and hopefully you will be able to find out soon what they were taken photos of. I was able to go to my gp to find out about the scan


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