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Worried again

I had my ultrasound scan that has found a lump. Which the gynaecologist referred to as a mass. So I went to see him and I felt like a child. Do you contraception? What are your periods like? He got my age wrong by 10 years. He checked me over but due to my elevated bmi, he found this difficult. He asked me if it hurt. No it didn't because it comes and goes. It's not a everyday thing. It comes when it flippin well likes. He thinks its a fibroid but not the reason for my pain but if it's just a fibroid he will not investigate further even though I told him my auntie had Endo and she found that it runs in the family. I started period early. They are heavy. I'm also worried because I have a bout of severe pain and when I go to doctors or emergancy. It's a long term thing. I now after an mri scan Monday have pain all in my legs and tummy, zero sleep, and finding it difficult to hold my son or change him. I don't want someone to look after him. I want answers. How will I make them see I need them to listen to me like I'm an adult not as soon as they see "mental health" they treat me like a child. I probably have depression because they haven't listened for the last 5 years I've been in pain.

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Fibroids are often removed by surgery too, I understand your pain, I had my first period when I was 8 and I suffered from what dr's thought was IBS, Acid Reflex, Electrolyte deficiency, then they thought I was making the pain up and crying for attention and finally this year 9 years later I was told I had endo. However regular gyns don't want to operate till you've been on a contraceptive for 6 months, best wishes, I hope they'll do a lap instead of putting you on 4 contraceptives and more painkillers like me.

I like naproxen the most, ask your gyn for a painkiller if you can.


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