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PMDD and possible Endo

Hello ladies,

I hope your all well. I am new here and wondered if anyone could give me some advice.

I have a diagnosis of Premenstrual Disphoric Disorder, i was diagnosed 4 years ago after the birth of my second child. ( although I believe it's always been there just worsening after both births of my children)

I have been put onto GNRH analogues with HRT add back. My gyne has recommended a hysterectomy. However I'm significantly overweight and have around 2-3 stone to loose.

Not only is the weight loss proving almost impossible with my pmdd symptoms in top of this I suspect in have endometriosis.

I started my periods at 9 and have been hospitalised with the pain twice (once mistakenly for appendicitis in childhood and again after my daughters birth which they thought was an inflamed gallbladder) I've always suffered long, painful periods with heavy flow, pains in my abdomen and back which radiates and often feels like stabbing or childbirth contractions that radiate through my back and top of my legs.

Since taking the GNRH analogues 4 weeks ago (nasal spray) I've been experiencing extreme abdominal pain, pain band aching in my legs (mainly the right leg) and pain in my back. Worsening at the end of the day/night time.

I'm not sure how to ask my gyne for a diagnosis? Does this sound like Endo?

Any advice would be so welcome. I'm contacting my go today to talk about pain relief options as I'm doubled up. And my meds have finished now until my next gyne appointment in two weeks time.

Warm Regards,


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Hello, I'm very interested in this topic too, as my gynae is not interested at all in premenstrual symptoms. He specialises in endo, and considers my case very mild, and I think the problems I have don't interest him. i have been considering trying to find a way to see a PMDD specialist, as my pm depression, paranoia and anxiety have a great impact on my life. Half the month I am a different person - it affects me for pretty much the whole luteal phase.

I'm recovering from having a lap and cyst removed, but think I am going to look into this in the coming months. I know that taking the pill back to back (ie having no periods) for a period of time is one of the recommended treatments for PMDD and also (in some cases) for Endo, so I'm thinking that it's possible that this may help me.

I'd be interested to know if there are many others out there who have a combination of PMDD and Endo, suffering from pre-menstrual symptoms that impact on the ability to live, work and have relationships...


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