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Medication experiences

Hi! I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed after my appt with endo specialist yesterday! I have just done 6 months of zoladex and celeste duet 1mg. I seemed to have bad side effects and got quite depressed. The dr yesterday as recommend me to treat my endo with zoladex again plus oestrogen patches and a mirena coil. It just seems like so much hormone treatment. Has anyone tried all these together and if you have how did it work? I'm worried about the depression and also my mother died of breast cancer and I'm worried about putting myself at higher risk.


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Hi that does sound like alot of hormone treatment. If you have already had bad side effects and depression could you try one thing at a time to see what works for you and what doesn't? Was it the Zoladex or the Celeste pill causing side effects, it will be too hard to know when they were used together. Could you try one thing at a time?

I use the pill Qlaira and I think some early research may have shown the progestin dienogest to be as effective as stronger treatments that bring on menapause like state. I am not sure is Zoladex one of these? My normal cycle comes back very quickly when I have gone off the contraceptive pill medication and I don't have side effects like low mood that I got from other pills I tried.

I have never tried any of those medications you list, but you think the zoladex is not working for you then do your own research and make the choice for your own wellbeing and risks/ side effects with the medications. Some of them are just not worth it. Good luck


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