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When should I call the doctors?

Okay so 3 weeks ago I had some swabs and a pap smear at gynaecology. I'm desperate to find out the results but I don't want to be a pain to the doctors. I've rang at least once a week and I just want my results!!! I'm a first timer for gyno appointments as I'm only 21. How long does it usually take for you to get your results and do you live in the UK? I'm getting annoyingly impatient!!

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7 ti 10 days.keep on at them till you get your results!!


in my area any tests results done at hospital average 4 weeks to come back, sometimes longer xx


Usually if tests are done at the hospital they would only contact you if they are abnormal otherwise you assume they are fine, unless it's an Mri or CT scan which you have to wait for the report. That's my experience but you try again after 4 weeks.


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