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if I give up work can I get financial help?

Hi, I have just joined the website and it's such a relief that there is so much support on here.

I was diagnosed with endo about 6 years ago and have tried several treatments including 3 surgeries. None of these have worked too well and I am back to the point I'm in constant pelvic pain, back pain, leg pain, bloating and tiredness to name a few symptoms. I have been working from home with my own company since being diagnosed but even that is too much and I want (well need) to give up work as I'm really struggling and wondered if anyone had had any success claiming and form of benefits in the UK. Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated

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I'm in process of trying to claim PIP - personal independence payment - that pays if you're in work or not. Take a look at DWPs website and you can claim from there. It takes time but will be paid back to date you claimed if successful.

I was advised to claim by someone who works at DWP so hope that means we'll be successful but no idea if it will work or not!

BTW used to be called disability living allowance but all changed a few years ago

Good luck


Thank you for that. I will look into the website you recommended. If you are successful could you let me know how you filled the forms in?


Sure. Will keep you posted.


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