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Possible Endo?

Hi Guys, I'm 32 & for nearly a year I've had really bad periods. Started from nowhere as since having my sons 12 years ago my cycle has been normal. I now flood for two weeks and for the first week I'm unable to leave my house. I've had an internal from my gp who said everything looks OK and sent me for a scan. I had an ultrasound on Friday and I'm not sure if it's just her manner but the lady doing it just muttered "it's not fibroids, looks normal , your gp will have the results on monday" ... I'm feeling frustrated as I'd kind of pinned all my hopes on them giving me a reason for the issues. Is this common for endo? Or does anybody else have any advice? I'm feeling like they are just going to leave me like this . Thanks x

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That's not my name, best advice I can give as all others will on this form is asked to referee to a specialist endometriosis centre.they have them all over the uk.they will be able to support you effectively hopefully they will suggest a lap the only effective way to determine endo(both my scans were clear-attitude very similar from health professional you received-but lap showed endo. Keep reading posts on hear and research with a critical eye. You will become the expert I'm afraid not your go.you have to go armed with what you want from them medication, alternative therapy,referral as majority of go are at an utter loss with this disease and start spouting nonsense about myths with no evidence linked to the disease-

Have a baby, have you been using tam pax, don't drink fizzy drinks!! You sure it's not just general aches and pains. You should be fine it won't come back. These are all statements from different doctors I have heard over the past three months some of them unachiveable others myths you hear around the disease that are not evidence -based

Keep posting x x


Go = Gp


Endometriosis is often not seen on ultrasound. The only way to definitively diagnose endometriosis is by laparoscopy. In fact, I recently saw a BSGE consultant who confirmed from my symptoms that my endometriosis is back (I had it excised 11 years before). He sent me for an ultrasound just to rule out any other surprises before surgery and the ultrasound technician said the same. Nothing visibly wrong (but that of course excludes the endometriosis). Get a referral to a BSGE clinic, they should be able to help you effectively.


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