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I have been having acupuncture to help with pain and yesterday she put a bodyscan cd on while my needles were in and it was great it's the first time in months that I have been pain free,I just thought if anyone was looking for alternatives for pain relief it would be worth a try it's something you could do at home if you can get hold on a cd (it's just a type of relaxation to help the pain)


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  • Hi I'm glad it's helping you mindfulness and body's and are a great way to relax, if you look on YouTube there are plenty of them to try.

  • Hi

    That's great I will have a look,I am hoping to do a course in September (mindfulness for pain relief ) which will be really helpful.


  • Hi I done a 6 week course last year and really enjoyed it was an eye opener that we go through our days with our eyes shut and sometimes don't focus on all the great things around us.

    Hope you enjoy it and get something out of it. X

  • I use it too, sometimes it's the only thing that can get me through the day! Took some practice but the calmness comes naturally now, great stress reliever too just on it's own.

    I do a 10 wk ACT course for family members of Bipolar & psychosis & it was part of that.


  • I agree. I learned to do mindfulness through yoga and it has helped me so much. Not just with pain but also with stress. I think it makes such a big difference. I still need to take painkillers, but far less than when I am, say, tired and can't do the mindfulness as well. I always used to think it was just wishy washy nonsense but I have really benefited from it (and continue to do so).

  • Hi

    Thanks I know what you mean I used to think the same about mindfulness too but if it works I will try anything and it has been proved that the mind and pain are linked,I still need pain killers too but if I can reduce the amount of pain killers I would be happy.


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