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Hi ladies, so my gynocologist put me on the contraceptive pill for 6 months with no break to see how I get on. As I said in my last post iv been ringing up to get a quicker appointment as its been 3 months and to be honest there's isn't that much difference. Should I be seeing a difference if it's endo?

Also since being on the pill with no break iv gained a lot of weight, could this be because I haven't had my period and I'm retaining all the water weight you loose when your period starts?

Can any give any advice and info? I would be greatful, thanks everyone hope your all well xx

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I think what ur describing is fluid retention but when I was on the pill I never experance A bled on pill free week plus got taken of it due to blood clot in my leg and periods were really erratic but suspected I had endo so done a lap in 2008 found stage 2 endo and excised it I went on for four years with no problems but think if the pill isn't doing much to help ease ur symptoms then I think u should be asking gynae to perform a laprostopy to see if u do have endometriosis sorry I can't advise any more but hope u feel better soon xx


Hi, I have been on the pill for three months and haven't had proper period either. Currently waiting for a lap because my symptoms aren't great despite being on cerazette. Haven't gained the weight on cerazette but have done in the past while on the combined pill. I think it depends on what pill you're on.


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