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Wilted rose today

Hello lovelies,

Well the rose has been to the consultant school of knocks today.

You know,the consultant on the run,15 minutes is up and you have barely got to question 3 on a list it took you ages to condense down to 9 questions,as you were mindful of his importance to other patients.

Im used to putting other people first,but why,when we need it,cant we get our share of the time?

Very tired,worried and such a long journey to menopause guys.

Some pick me ups wld be great!

Kind regards


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Oh how anoying, did he say anything helpful,? Was it a bsge centre?

It's a long road with lots of roundabouts but hopefully we will all get to the end of the Riad with a good outcome,

What's next for you,?




Im trying to work out how to keep the iron up throughout all this,he just suggested the piĺl or hysto.

Really helpful.

Im in the sit and wait category now...will it come back or wont it.

I hope you are ok today,i read your posts,very helpful

Rose xx


I've gotta say you've given some really wonderful advise and information to lots of women.

You come across as such a strong person after everything you've been through.

Sending hugs for your pick me up! :)


Thank you so much i appreciate it



Hope your recent appointment went well. Did you manage to see a new gynaecologist ?



Yes saw one on monday.

Really informative and let me ask a lot of questions i had written down.

He said i am otherwise healthy and uterus is good,so no hysto needed.

We talked about other ways to control the bleeding,as i must be in peri menopause by now.

Ive got options which makes me feel so much better and relieved.

I can try menafenic acid first,to try and stem the bleeding.

Or the pill if i want it,but he wld like me to come of it at 45 if i go that way.im 42 now.

Im not keen on mirena for me,but it is an option.

Thank you for asking it is appreciated.

Kind regards



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